Bangladesh Delicacy Foodie Tour

Bangladesh Delicacy Foodie Tour

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Always looking for new food yet not sure where to find it? Or thought you've tried all cuisines, well.. think again!
Discover our newest find 'Bangladesh Town.' Trying to GPS it, yet can't seem to find anything? It's pretty simple why! Bangladesh town is hidden in the confines of Korea Town. Now we at CityGyd thought we had a grasp of every foodie town in LA, little did we know there was maybe just one more that we were potentially missing.

We're very excited to announce our newest tour, which is filled with love and one that is an absolute food-lover paradise. Mo being a true foodie and having cooked every type of cuisine possible,takes us through a journey of traditional savoury and sweet cuisines of Bangladesh. Being Indian by ethnicity she takes us through two very interesting restaurants cum stores, where she digs in to the history of the food and spices, as well as indulging in to Bangladeshi delicacies.

Interestingly, Bangladeshi cuisine is quite similar to East Indian Food, food found in Kolkata. They share similar dishes such as Chicken Biryani (a rice and chicken dish), cooked in a specific manner, Panthua (a milk-cheese dessert). Take the opportunity to explore two countries in one after afternoon, as we tour Swadesh and Bangla Bazaar. Relax and enjoy your beautiful Saturday afternoon on a journey of food and true culture.

We will begin our adventure at 1pm at the Swadesh Restaurant, spend some time dwelling in to the history of Bangladesh town and exploring the way Bangladeshi food is prepared. Followed by which, we will move on to the popular hangout spot of several Bangladeshis 'Bangla Bazaar', digging in to some great lunch, which will be combined with desserts. Mo will explain the gravity of what goes in to making each dish and how it is made, along with a great mixer session