Artsy Adventures at Bergamot Art Station

Artsy Adventures at Bergamot Art Station

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Tour includes the choice of a free appetizer or dessert with the purchase of an entree.

Curious about your local art scene? Want to explore new works but your friends are too busy texting? Come with us to the cultural hot spot Bergamot Station. Bergamot is a unique collection of fine art galleries nestled in Santa Monica, and has been named "the primary cultural destination on the Westside". Once a trolley stop in 1875, it returned to its Railway roots in 2016 with the opening of the Expo line. Why not leave the car and take the train?

After we explore gorgeous and scintillating art, we will make our way to the Z Garden Restaurant. Ever wondered what authentic Lebanese food tastes like? We have the answer. Receive a choice of a free dessert (including the likes of Baklava, rice pudding, basbousa- middle eastern cake with flavors such as rose and orange) or appetizer with the purchase of an entree. Taste the delicious flavors of the Middle East with dishes such as Falafel Plates, Cilantro Shrimp etc. All the dishes have fantastic flavors with exotic Lebanese spices adding to the delight.

The fun begins at 1 pm in the parking lot of Bergamot in front of the Bergamot Cafe, located at exhibit A, where we shall gather and introduce ourselves. We'll wend our way through the different worlds of each gallery, beginning at exhibit A and finishing at exhibit T. Let's learn, relate, and connect to the art, and enjoy each other's perspectives on this journey. Finally we will make our way to Z Garden restaurant, where we will indulge in great food and in-depth conversation. Can't wait to see you at Bergamot! Toot toot!