Models & Shakers x Singles Event at Hotel Bel- Air

Models & Shakers x Singles Event at Hotel Bel- Air

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Lounge/bar at the Beverly Wilshire: The Bar & Lounge at Hotel Bel-Air

What we provide:
- Compatibility Test
Join us at our Valentine's Day Special edition of Models & Shakers
We only live once as they say. We only have one shot at life and really living it to the fullest. Here's the interesting thing about living life to the fullest -- we live in a city that gives us the best shot at being able to fly as high as the stars. Are you stuck in the confines of your office, in a mental prison or just really bored of your everyday life?

Models & Shakers takes to you to a whole different level filled with glamour and beauty -- a new experience, one like no other. Ever wonder what it feels like to be that person for a night whom you see on TV surrounded by all these gorgeous people. Be that person for a night. Wear your best outfit, bring your A game on as you meet a selection of LA's finest models and shakers -- beauty & success. This will be a night filled with laughs, mixing, mingling and hanging out with the exclusives of LA.

Our handsome and gorgeous models will be taking the time to get to know you. Let's take photos with them on this fun packed night to remember.

We bring a night full of new connections between two very different worlds.

Models: Attractive people who melt hearts with their charm and charisma.
Shakers: Powerful individuals who make the world go round with their insight and influence.

Be a superstar with us and become part of a luxurious and exclusive evening at the Beverly Wilshire as you find your top matches with our specialized compatibility test, network and mingle. It is not everyday you take part in something epic and be given the value of your hard work!

Dress code: Dress to Impress!