Meet the Gyds


Sean is a designated Rock Historian and a classically trained virtuoso. He was taught by Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth), and Rusty Cooley (taught Creed, and Dream Theater), and studied Classical Composition in Salta, Argentina for 4 years. He currently frequently performs in some legendary venues such as ‘The Viper Room’ (as known owned by Johnny Depp)



Sydney is a Musicians Institute graduate originally from Dallas, she loves all things music, fashion, and fun! She loves to explore all the hidden gems throughout LA and wants to share them with great people. Sydney is a rock musician and loves records. At a young age of 20 she is quite successful as she works as an artist manager, frequently and has modeled for a lot of rock-fashion.



Mohua is a screenwriter, blogger and culture expert. Mohua is currently completing her first script, starring in and producing an amazon cooking show. She has traveled in over 30 countries and lived in 5 countries. She is multi-lingual as she speaks 6 languages. Mohua knows how to cook a range of food from multiple cultures and enjoys connecting with people over cuisine and connection.



Marina is bi-ethnic, manages Citygyd, is formal Top Model India contestant. Marina is multi-lingual, she speaks 5 languages. She has starred in 3 soap operas in India. Her passion for tours coincides with her passion for people, culture, cuisine and connection. She is the co-producer for an Amazon cooking show.




Julian is originally from Chicago and recently relocated to L.A. He is a culture, fashion and lifestyle enthusiast. He enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life and is truly sociable true to his profession of being a fashion model. He has been working towards building his brand as a high fashion model and simultaneously exploring the city.



Jessica is a therapist by profession. She is bilingual and is a culture expert. Jessica being a L.A. L.A. native is well-informed about areas in L.A. one would most likely never know about. She is an advocate of all eclectic experiences ranging from belligerent fun to good health.



Adam is an award-winning independent director and actor in the heart of Hollywood with millions of views on YouTube, international commercials and a standing ovation on daytime TV to his name. Adam started directing short films in June 2018. He immediately found success by winning the first two festivals he submitted,and has gone on to regularly work with top talent, including Academy Award winners, Marvel producers and many independent artists. He is currently working on producing his first amazon cooking show.



Leah is a LA local, born and raised. She recently graduated from a make-up artistry school and is currently working on pursuing her make-up artist career. Leah has worked on multiple projects, music videos, brand shoots etc. She is a creative person and I am full of passion for all things art.