A Day in Thai Town Tour (ft foodie tour)

A Day in Thai Town Tour (ft foodie tour)

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Thai town a place we hear of, yet having living several years in L.A., none of us have really explored it. It's amazing how multi-ethnic and culturally rich L.A. is. The diversity never ends. We wanted to take the opportunity with tour to explore Thai culture and food right here in the heart of L.A.

We begin our tour at the Phukaw Thai Boutique Thai which has traditional outfits for attending temples and formal events. They offer outfits to be made custom as well. They also have the 'Hill Tribes' styles which are from the Northern part of Thailand. The Phukaw bring in the mix of the Akah, Yao, Hmong, Karen long neck tribe, and Ekor tribes clothing to the store. All their materials are a minimum of 30-40 years old.

After exploring some tradition Thai clothing we will move on to the Silom supermarket which has several types of herbs, spices, chilis and sauces specific to Thai cooking.

Finally we will make out way to the new exciting 'Thai Town Market Place', aka foodie paradise. The market is a huge foodhall and just recently opened. The food vendors all fall within 200% of the federal poverty level, the project was made in the intention of uplifting low-income entrepreneurs. The market place provides the venue and business infrastructure while the market's startup entrepreneurs focus their time and resources in to growing their business. Come view this amazing project with access to the most delicious and authentic tasting Thai food ranging from red chicken, seafood, Thai crepes etc.
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