Persian Foodie Days Tour @Little Persia

Persian Foodie Days Tour @Little Persia

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WHERE: Saffron & Rose Ice Cream

Let's begin a journey through "Little Persia" in the heart of Westwood as we explore culture, cuisine and connection. Our meeting point will be the ever so popular Saffron & Rose Ice Cream, where we will be having a lovely tasting of Persian Ice Cream. The founder Ali Kashani- Rafye began making ice cream in Tehran over 75 years ago, and mastered the art of creating authentic Persian-style ice cream. So whether you're looking for floral-flavored ice creams such as lavender, orange, jasmine. etc or the traditional dairy free Faloodeh (sorbet with vermicelli sized noodles), they have it all.
Next we will move on to the Tochal market where we will explore the nitty-gritties of authentic Persian cuisine. The spices, the recipes and everything that goes in to the making of our favorite kabobs and stews.

Followed by which we will saunter on to Damoka a Persian rug store, which has the best collection of antique carpets and Persian rugs in all of the West Coast. Always wanted to take a closer look at the colors and design, wondered how these rugs come in to their beautiful formation? Let's find out!

Lastly, we will end our adventure at the taste arousing restaurant, Shaherzad. Truly Persian in ambiance and presence, with a wide variety of authentic cuisine and dishes. These range from Chelo Kebabs (Flat tender slices of all filet mignon, marinated in special house recipe and broiled open flame).

Join us for a fun evening of foodie delights and a never ending cultural experience only with CityGyd, hosted by food & cultural expert, Mo.