Floating Pedways at Bunker Hill DTLA Tour

Floating Pedways at Bunker Hill DTLA Tour

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Meeting Point: 545 S Olive St, Los Angeles

Nobody walks in LA. Oh, we will see about that!

Pedestrian walkways (Pedways) are raised walkways, built to keep pedestrians from crossing roads. For CALVIN HAMILTON, the director of planning for LA, the initial twelve pedways were supposed to be just the beginning. He envisioned hundreds across the city's 500 square miles. The Los Angeles he dreamed of would have been divided into 29 "Centers," or islands of development, connected by pedways, moving sidewalks, monorails, and mass transit.

We will be walking past the US Bank Tower, which has one of the most visited tourist attractions in Los Angeles, the OUE Skyspace and Skyslide on the 70th floor. We will also visit the Bonaventure Hotel with a gorgeous interior, expansive outdoor space, and the Bonavista Revolving Lounge on the 34th floor. The World Trade Center and LA Grand Hotel will also be visited.

Hosted by Mitesh