History of the Classy Palisades Villages Tour

History of the Classy Palisades Villages Tour

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We are excited to explore a whole new part of our city. The Palisades is a name we hear frequently yet never seem to explore. So we decide to tour Palisades Village: The Caruso Promenade.

The grand opening for the newly renovated Palisades Village was on September 22, 2018, and showcased a beautiful promenade designed by Rick Caruso, who also designed The Grove. Prior to the renovation, Palisades village was a sleepy little residential town, with mom and pop shops.

We will start our tour at Bay Theatre. The new 5 screen dine-in theater that shows the top performing box office movies...but costs a pretty penny to attend (minimum $50 per person).

Next we will move on to explore Norris Hardware/ Old Bay Theater which opened in 1948, the S. Charles Lee-designed Bay Theatre was twinned in the mid-1970’s. The Bay Theatre was closed in late-1978 and was converted into a hardware store by 1980.

We will also check out the Pearl Dragon Restaurant (originally House of LEE)
Ah Wing Young’s Chinese restaurant "House of Lee" was a celebrity hang out in the 1950's. It was the only "ethnic" restaurant, and had the only liquor license in town until the early 2000's.

Then we will move on to Paliskates, the local "Dog Town" inspired skate shop for kids and teens. Our next destination will be making our way to Village Green. The Palisades Village Green was established in August of 1973, and is a symbol of early "grass roots" efforts on behalf of the town to build and maintain a small community park.

Finally we will end our tour at Hanks. The restaurant serves classic "American" cuisine with a beautiful outdoor seating area.