Manifestation Walking Tour Experience @Terranea Resort

Manifestation Walking Tour Experience @Terranea Resort

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What's included:

- Guided walking tour

We are very excited to announce the launch of a whole new, deeper meaning experience, in this session by delving into deep seated desires that we will dare bring to fruition. Our tour will be hosted by Mo, a psychology major and a follower of Hindu meditation and manifestation.

This activity will take place at the magical, Terranea Resort In Rancho Palos Verdes There , we will gather around at one of the various lounge areas, or grassy cliff , (please bring a towel to sit on) get to know each other, and delve into our burning desire.

She will be guiding you through a short and simple practice called the silva method , to help remove obstacle thoughts, and help focus on guided steps to bringing desires to fruition.

After that we will be free to enjoy the terranea resort restaurant at your discretion, hike around the premisses, and observe and take note of any inspiration or thoughts that arise. Come join us on this adventure as we connect and create a safe zone to talk about a range of topics.

Please feel free to bring a notebook and towel to sit on.

We look forward to being a part of your best life journey


Hosted by Mo


No hostility or disresprectful behavior towards tour guides or other guests will be tolerated.