Models & Shakers x No Worries Curry Gourmet 5 Course Dinner @Mansion

Models & Shakers x No Worries Curry Gourmet 5 Course Dinner @Mansion

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Ever thought about having the best night ever, where you experience the best of fine dining cuisine and hang out with the most interesting of people. Models & Shakers takes to you to a whole different level filled with glamour and influence -- a new experience, one like no other. Ever wonder what it feels like to be that person for a night whom you see on TV surrounded with all these gorgeous people. Be that person for a night. Wear your best outfit, bring your A game on as you meet a selection of LA's finest models and shakers -- beauty & power. This will be a night filled with laughs, mixing, mingling and hanging out with the exclusives of LA. Our handsome and gorgeous models will be taking the time to get to know you. Let's take photos with them on this fun packed night to remember. Pair this with being served a mouth-watering feast of 5 courses of deliciousness by the cast of No Worries Curry.

"No Worries Curry" is a two-generation cooking show staring Mo and Marina. Join the mother-daughter bond and learn how to make ten delicious Indian meals along the way.'

We have hosted several cooking classes and the one question we always get asked is when will we be serving our food. Here's an opportunity to come try! This specific 5 course dinner will focus on East Indian Food/ Calcutta Style Royal Cuisine. Come eat like a king!

Ever wondered what authentic and gourmet Indian food would be like. We too. Now let's imagine 5 scrumptious courses of it.
Chef Mo and her daughter Marina as seen on Amazon Prime's previous No Worries Curry, will be whipping up five mouth watering courses. Curious to hear what they are?

First course
(Cholar Dal with Narkel/ translating to Chana Dal Lentil Soup with coconut)
Cholar dal is made with chana dal or bengal gram. The dal is slightly sweet and fragrant due to the addition of whole spices or garam masala like bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom and coconut.

Second Course
Mini Calcutta Style Egg Roll
Usually when we think of egg roll, we think of a Chinese fried roll. This is COMPLETELY different,
Delicious flaky flat bread, covered with egg on one side and filled with a simple salad of onion and cucumber. Little amount of chaat masala is added for flavor and sometimes, a pinch of Indian black salt also goes in.

Third Course
Bengali Fish Fry
A fish fry or diamond fry in Calcutta is a crumb-coated fillet of bhetki. It has a similar texture to that of a fish cutlet.

Main Course
Bengali Mishti Pulao
Bengali Mishti Pulao or Bengali Sweet Pulao is a popular Bengali rice dish that has this subtle sweetness and a mild saffron flavor.

Narkel Lobster
Prepared with lobster chunks, mixed with mustard seeds, glazed with mustard oil and in coconut curry, there is no flavor that this dish fails to provide. Bengali cuisine is known for its aromatic spices and exotic mix of ingredients, and this dish will justify why that is true. The sweetness of coconut blended with the zing of mustard and added to the ever favourite prawns, this dish is irresistible for everyone.

Kosha Mangsho
Bengali Kosha Murgir Mangsho Recipe (Chicken in a Spicy Dry Gravy) is made of succulent chicken. The spicy chicken in dry gravy comes with sinfully caramelised onion, fragrance of ginger and a hint of cardamom.

Kala Jam
These are waffle balls that sit in and absorb a sugary rosewater syrup
Kheer with berries
Kheer is a sweet dish and a type of wet pudding popular in the Indian subcontinent, usually made by boiling milk, sugar or jaggery, and rice. Mo does a fusion take on this as she mixes delicious berries.

Join us on a night of luxury and glamour, as we savor gourmet Indian food and network with the most interesting of people.
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Strict dress code is enforced: Dress to impress