Singles Evening @  Seventy7 West, Westwood

Singles Evening @ Seventy7 West, Westwood

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In a city like L.A. where everything is so spread out it can be tough finding someone who captures your interest. We end up going to bars, nightclubs, events, parties, dating apps, all kinds of things in the hope of meeting someone special. We at CityGyd want to ease that process with more hits than misses.

So we have come up with our own formula and key to connecting the right people. We will be playing a series of icebreaker games to remove the awkwardness which makes it so tough to connect in a social setting. The goal of the evening is to really get to know our peers and who knows what the evening will bring.

We try the same things and usually get the same results, lets try something new at our very own 'Singles Night.'

Event hosted by Marina & Ike