Take off at San Fernando Valley RC Flyers Apollo XI Field (ft Drone Tour)

Take off at San Fernando Valley RC Flyers Apollo XI Field (ft Drone Tour)

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Address: 6201 Woodley Ave, Encino

We are excited to announce a brand new series of tours for all thrill seekers out there. We will begin our tour in the parking lot of "Basin" as it is commonly referred, one of the oldest and largest model aircraft facilities in the world. Serving model airplane, drone, helicopter, and fpv enthusiasts. After a brief summary of the flying areas we will venture

into the first person view drone field, where many professional pilots train for upcoming race championships and obstacle avoidance competitions. Get ready to hear the drone propellers roar as they perform breathtaking stunts in the air at whopping speeds.

We will next move to the helicopter launch pad. Where will observe intricate helicopter models as the pilots are practicing take off and landing procedures while performing acrobatic maneuvers with an incredible speed.

Finally to conclude our tour, we will move to the main pit area near the main runway for aircrafts heavier than 2 pounds. Here we will be able to experience all the behind the scenes of the model aircraft lifestyle. Pilots tuning up the planes, refuel station and of course marvelous take offs along the way.

As we do the tour we will explore the history of field and will learn more about all the safety guidelines regarding flying drones recreationally.

Feel free to bring some earplugs with you if loud sound is a concern.

Tour hosted by Danylo
COVID-19 protocols will be maintained. All participants will be socially distanced. Masks will be worn. Participants are encouraged to carry sanitizer or sanitize whenever possible.