Valentines Day Singles Evening @Secret Bar, Anaheim

Valentines Day Singles Evening @Secret Bar, Anaheim

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Address: 440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim

Ever wondered what a 2021 Valentines Day would look like? So did we! Our results weren't too great, we are guessing yours weren't either. Does being at home on the most romantic day without a loved one sound absolutely miserable to you? To us too! So we came up with a solution.

Join us on a very mini singles evening at a secret bar, which has medieval flairs. Dress to impress and join us on a trip to this exciting venue. This secret bar is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely impossible to find too. The menu has an array of delicious meals including the likes of lamb chops, elotes skillets which includes cream, smoked paprika and cotija cheese etc. They serve the most delicious and exotic cocktails, which have a wide mix of spices and flavors. One of their most exotic cocktails is an entire show, as it is lighted on fire and then served. We will be playing some fun icebreaker games.

Join us on an evening of glamour, fun, connection and great vibes.

Limited capacity- 15 guests
Drinks & Food are not included in the price
Hosted by- the CityGyd crew